Day One - A Dark Day

Entry 1

Date: January 13th, 2013
Location: Traverse City, Mi.
Code Name: Ground Zero

Mike and Nicco Roberto Marcantoni are in their D&D conference at the holiday inn on front street, listening to all the other gathered people discuss and argue about who’s specialist character would be best to undertake the situation at hand. Two particularly irritating teens stood up and started yelling about who would be better. They were the typical kids you would expect to see at a three day Dungeons and Dragons convention. Both had Sci Fi tee shirts and glasses that took up entirely too much room on their face. Mike looked at Nicco and rolled his eyes.

“Remind you of anyone?” he asked.

Nicco chuckled and was about to stand up and put an end to their incessant bickering when the lights in the conference room went black. It was not completely surprising, this had happened twice before in the night, only this time the lights didn’t come back on. There were a couple nervous chuckles and a few lewd jokes whispered in the dark somewhere on the other side of the room. After a moment the room was filled with lights from cell phones being opened and turned on.

3:15 AM

“Well someone should probably find out if they are going to turn the power back on,” Nicco had said. Everyone looked at him and Mike as if it was a silent invitation for them to go and do so. Once again rolling their eyes in unison they both made their ways to the front of the room. Some of the other players could swear they heard something of sissies being muttered as the two left the large rectangular hall. As soon as the door was closed Mike turned to Nicco,

“Why is it that every time the lights go out everyone thinks that you have to whisper?”

“You know its because they are scared. The boogie man is going to get them if they are too loud.” Nicco responded. Laughing they walked down the hall lighting the way with their cell phones. They went through the maze of hallways and staircases up to the front desk. Of course the hotel had them in one of the basement conference rooms, they couldn’t have the nerd fest out in the way to deter other paying guests from staying at the hotel. When they made their way to the front desk there was nobody there. Thinking this odd they both took turns ringing the bell on the counter. Chuckling they both hit it as fast as they could, one after another till they could barely lift their arms.

“Well maybe they went out to check the power.” Mike said.

The two friends walked outside and looked around. There was still a mass of cars in the parking lot, but there was no light anywhere in town except for a faint glow over by the maritime academy. They both went to Mike’s car to drive over to the academy but when they got in, the car wouldn’t start. They shrugged assuming that maybe Mike left his lights on, they went to Nicco’s car and it too was completely dead. No turnover, no clicks just empty silence. Speaking of silence, the air outside was also dead quiet. The only noise came from the waves on the sand of the beach a hundred yards away. They dug through their cars and grabbed a few things, flashlights and jackets and such, then decided to make their way towards the light at the maritime academy.

3:30 AM

They got the Academy and all the lights in the building were out as well. The faint glow was coming from the old submarine chaser sitting in the harbor. They walked over and called out to the ship but there was no answer. Turning, they made their way to the back door of the Academy. Shining their flashlights into the windows, they saw that all the tables and chairs were strewn about the area. This once nice cafeteria was turned into a warzone of over turned furniture and papers and jackets littering the floor.

“Looks like they forgot to clean the café,” Mike mentioned to Nicco.

Nicco tried the door and it swung open. “Looks like they forgot to lock the doors,” Nicco replied.

They looked at each other and walked in shining flashlights over the carnage. Separating they searched through the debris trying to find anything that would help to figure out what had devastated this building. Neither of them found any clues but Mike found a small .38 special pistol that was in a discarded hand bag. He glanced at Nicco and put the pistol in his bag. The both moved back towards the kitchen area keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary when Nicco found a dark puddle of something on the ground.

“I have something here,” he said as he knelt down and grabbed a red handle from under the kitchen island.

Standing up he pulled out a Fireman’s Axe that was dripping with blood. After further investigation there was no source to where the blood came from.

“They must have taken the body out,” Nicco whispered.

“Yea, I think it’s time to go,” Mike quietly responded.

As he turned to walk out of the kitchen he grabbed a fire extinguisher. Mike with his extinguisher and Nicco with his axe started back the way they came when they heard a shuffling noise coming from the cafeteria. After exchanging a nervous glance they moved slowly towards the sound, weapons at the ready. They made it to the café and there was a woman in her mid 20s crouching over something on the floor.

“Hello?” Mike called out to her.

She stood up slowly and turned, Nicco kept his flashlight on her face while Mike was shining it on the floor where it looked like a small furry black figure. On the woman’s face was a small smudge of what looked like blood.

“Mike” Nicco whispered, “look at her face.”

They both slowly backed away as she started shuffling towards them.

“Are you ok?” Mike asked.

No response. She didn’t try to walk around obstacles she just pushed through them like they weren’t even there.

“Ok let’s get.” Mike and Nicco both turned and rushed out of the Café and closed the door behind them, blocking it with a table and a couple chairs. They started walking towards the front door when they heard the woman walk into the door and just keep thudding against it. When they got outside the both stopped and stayed quiet for a sec.

RING! 4:00 AM

They both about jumped out of their skin when the phone rang. Astonished Mike looked at his cell and he saw that Noah was calling him. This was the first time he had service since this whole power outage.

“Hello?” Mike answered the phone.

..static.. ke, I am a ..static.. fee shop in horiz ..static.. ou guys sti ..static.. n town?”

“Noah, we are still in town, we can make our way to you, just stay there.”

Mike looked at his phone but it had died again. No service.

“Well I guess it’s off to the bookstore,” Mike told Nicco. They both nodded and started off towards front street.



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